So here’s a request we had today. The service desk manager needed a new option for a self-service variable when a user was submitting a request for a problem they were experiencing.

To go with this new option, the manager needed the incident that is created to have specific values set for specific incident fields when a user selects this new option from the variable.

For the variable, the “Type Specification” was:

  1. Choice table: Incident [incident]
  2. Choice Field: Short description

To complete the mapping, we used a business rule on the incident table:

  1. When to Run: Before
  2. Filter Conditions: Short Description contains the value of the new variable option that we added to that variable’s “Question Choices”
  3. Actions: set field values in the incident based on the required mapping

That’s it. Now when a users submits a ticket through self-service that is for this new option, the resulting incident will have the fields mapped to those requested by the service desk manager.


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