Service Portal Journey Day 1

Join me in my journey to create a Service Portal for the Payroll department within my company to manage requests. My goal is to chronicle this entire process so I can reference it later for future Service Portals and so you can also use it as a guide for developing your Service Portal.

With every new software application the beginning is diving directly into coding … so here we go.

Ummm, wait a minute Rick. You code first? How do you know what the heck to code?

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Multi-Select Dropdowns in ServiceNow Don’t Exist – Here’s an Alternative

One thing that I find challenging in creating ServiceNow forms is the absence of multi-select dropdowns. There have been many times a customer needed to have this ability and I have resorted to using a series of checkboxes (true/false field type) as my alternative. I don’t like it, but it serves the purpose. Slushbuckets are only available for catalog items and record producers so I don’t have those available.

What’s a developer to do then?

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