Annotations in Service Portal Pages?

You can’t have annotations in a Service Portal form!!

Hold on there pardner…I’ll show you a hack to allow annotation-like fields in a Service Portal form. (It’s gonna be awesome).

Goes something like this:

  • Create a string field in your form.
    • Give a max characters to suit your needs.
    • Make it a read-only field.
    • Add whatever text you want in the default value.
  • Create a CSS stylesheet.
    • Get the ID by using your browser’s developer tools
    • Style it to match your needs (you may need to play a bit with the height, etc).
    • Add the stylesheet to the THEME’s CSS Includes section
  • Place the field in its own section (form designer) that is 1 column wide
    • Leave off the section title if you want – I opted to name my section “Additional Information”

It looks like this when viewing the form in your Service Portal:

It’s not perfect (I realize that), but it serves its purpose.

Service Portal Mock Annotation hack

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