Service Portal Journey Day 1

Join me in my journey to create a Service Portal for the Payroll department within my company to manage requests. My goal is to chronicle this entire process so I can reference it later for future Service Portals and so you can also use it as a guide for developing your Service Portal.

With every new software application the beginning is diving directly into coding … so here we go.

Ummm, wait a minute Rick. You code first? How do you know what the heck to code?

Just kidding! The first step is to meet with my customers to determine the scope of the project. I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon to meet with key members of the Finance team. We will discuss:

  • Their current request management process.
    • How do requests get to Payroll?
    • How does Payroll track these requests?
    • How does Payroll assign requests?
    • How does Payroll know when a request is resolved?
  • What is their vision for the ServiceNow-based request management system?

Armed with this information I will develop a requirements document and schedule a follow-up meeting to review those requirements to get their buy in. Once we have a solid requirements document, I’ll begin the process of creating the request management system within ServiceNow’s Service Portal.

Stick around … it’s gonna be fun.


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