Rick Forristall is a ServiceNow developer. He works at Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona. He’s been developing in ServiceNow since 2013 when Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona implemented ServiceNow for its ITSM. Since then Rick has developed a variety of custom applications using the content management system (CMS) in ServiceNow.

While Rick has attended the ServiceNow System Administrator, Scripting in ServiceNow and Application Development courses, he found that much of his learning was done the old-fashioned way – Google searches, the ServiceNow Community, stumbling across a cool feature, or watching ServiceNow YouTube videos — all while creating real-world applications for his internal Goodwill customers.

His idea for this blog – SN-101.com – was to catalog some of the hacks he’s created when he couldn’t find a ‘real’ solution and the tips and tricks he’s learned either through his own research or from other ServiceNow developers who were willing to share their knowledge. The idea was to show how he solved real-world, business problems.

While Rick has created powerful and useful real-world applications within ServiceNow, he doesn’t profess to be an expert. With this blog, Rick hopes to help others as they struggle through finding that one trick they need to accomplish some unique function.

You can find out more about Rick on his LinkedIn profile.

Rick is also an avid motorcyclists – commuting nearly 100 miles per day on his 2015 Yamaha FZ-09. He writes about motorcycling with a focus on motorcycle safety at MotorcycleMelee.com.